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Navigating leaders through change.

Inspiration through honest conversation.

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 Are you a leader who understands the importance of investing in yourself and your team?
 Do you want to inspire your team with a bold vision and effective leadership?
 Do you want access to the best tools, techniques and models to navigate through change?
At Inspired Purpose Partners, we are on a mission to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through change. We guide leaders who are ready to be elevated, by clarifying their focus so they can transform their teams and step into their true potential.
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Navigate through change

Tony Martignetti is a leadership coach with a specialty in working with leaders and their teams to navigate through change. Tony supports leaders in gaining clarity so they can make better decisions, improve their leadership skills and ultimately increase their impact.

When leaders unlock their potential and lead from a place of inspired purpose, they impact and inspire everyone around them. Tony is known for supporting them in finding clarity so that they are energized, unstoppable and lead with a strong presence. He uses a combination of proven leadership models, frameworks and thinking tools to achieve the best outcomes.





The Quest for Clarity is an experience that will allow you to gain clarity and move into action. This experience is for the high-performing professional going through a transition and is ready to take action. They have had success in the past but, they want to break out of old patterns and step into a role that will truly *light them up* and inspire them.


The Leader's Journey is an immersive experience that will allow you to dig deep into many areas of your personal and professional life. This experience is for the leader who is navigating through challenges, or they anticipate challenges on the horizon, and they are ready to take action.


The Bold Expedition is an immersive experience that will allow you to have a bigger organizational impact by including leaders in your organization. This experience is for the leader who wants to build a strongly connected organization and provide a clear vision and purpose to all stakeholders.




Ask more questions.


Start with self.


Take the leap.


Think, act and be positive


72-Tony Martignetti 

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “My work with Tony coincided with a challenging phase of my entrepreneurial journey as a medical device CEO and founder.  I lacked guidance, support, and diminishing motivation to pursue the tortuous path ahead of me. Tony helped me tremendously to maintain my energy, focus, and drive during these challenging times. Tony has also helped me strategically plan my meetings and negotiations and seek new team members for my startup. This year, I hope to reach new heights and accomplish the milestones I have set for myself and my company with further help of Tony’s insightful coaching.”

    Med Device CEO/Founder

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “Tony has a rare combination of sunny personality, deep thinking, and intuition of what one needs to succeed. He has a fantastic breadth of experience coming from working in some of the most challenging workplace environments. Happy to have him as a partner in crime in building the life science entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

    Biotech COO

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “I invited Tony to facilitate a workshop in my business incubator. His excellent presentation was well-received by all who attended! He has an energetic and personable communication style, and he did a great job connecting with the diverse group of entrepreneurs. He is very passionate about his work and clearly knowledgeable about behavioral styles and effective communication. I would happily work with him again!”

    Biotech CEO

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “I have known Tony for several years and was initially impressed with his background and experience as a financial executive and leader. However, after working with Tony for over a year, I saw how incredibly passionate he was about supporting others in their journey of personal and professional growth. Tony has reinvented himself as a caring, thoughtful and proficient coach that helps his clients see what’s possible and then pragmatically works with them to achieve their goals, whether their goals are personal, professional, or business-related. I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Tony would be fortunate to do so. I encourage you to reach out to Tony and enjoy the journey.”


  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “As a coach, Tony was an ardent champion. I felt confident trusting him to help me explore and clarify my goals. He encouraged me to think and act beyond my comfort zone in a way that was authentic to me. His focus on leadership comes across as supporting you to be the best leader you can be. I would recommend him as a coach to anyone interested in digging deeper and pursuing possible future directions.”

    Scientist and Entrepreneur

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “I came to Tony with uncertainty about the next step in my professional career. I lead a large group, and I struggled to lead effectively both up and down in my organization. I wanted something more out of my role, and I wanted to spend more time on strategy instead of putting out fires. As we worked together, we developed my approach to being a leader and how I can better connect with my team. Over time, I re-engaged and showed up differently at work. My view of the world has expanded, and I am now ready to prepare myself for what could be next for me to see new possibilities.”

    Risk Control Executive

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “I came to Tony when I was in transition and looking for a new job. I had been successful in the past, but I became known for being a technical expert, and I wanted to shed that reputation and step into a new level of leadership and become known for something more. During the time we worked together, I accepted a role with a growing biotech startup with an aspiration to grow into the leader that I want to be. As we continued to work together, I have become more self-aware and aware of how I impact people around me. I have become more emotionally tuned-in, and I am more in control of my life, personally and professionally. I have more direction, and my thinking is more focused on the big picture than it has in the past. Tony is a great coach, and he can help you create the mindset shift you need to get unstuck.”

    Biotech Finance Leader

  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “When I first started working with Tony, I had my hands in many initiatives, and I was continually traveling between Central America and New York City. I was very driven to make an impact and build communities. My biggest challenge was that I was being pulled in too many directions and needed some clarity and focus so I could become a more effective leader. During our time working together, I connected with what drives me, and I was able to delegate more to the people in my team. I am now making decisions based on what I value and what aligns with my vision for my business. Working with Tony, I have transformed my leadership skills, presence and I feel inspired by what I want to be in the world.”


  • Inspired Purpose Coaching

    “What I appreciate about Tony is his ability to not only hold space for me, but his ability to tap into my energy and meet me where I am. As a coach, he is fully present and the ability to dance in the moment with his clients comes naturally. I tend to have a lot to say with a lot on my mind, where we can easily go in many different directions at once. Tony does a great job in holding me accountable to focus on the present moment and to also celebrate myself. Throughout our work together, there were also many moments when Tony's intuition was amazingly accurate and in tune with what I needed to hear. He is a gifted and passionate leader. I am grateful for the work we've done together.”

    Embodiment Coach