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The Virtual Campfire

When you see someone on stage: Sharing a powerful message, "owning the room" and, having a huge impact in the world, you might ask yourself, how did they get that way? Were they born that way? Could I be like that person? What makes them different? From the outside looking in, it seems like they are meant to do what they're doing. I'm here to share what you don't often see - their tales of transformation. That's what we'll uncover here. The tiny steps that led to the big leaps.

Welcome to The Virtual Campfire, I’m Tony Martignetti, the Inspired Coach. Here I’ll share powerful lessons learned from leaders in their transformation journey. Why the campfire? The campfire was the earliest form of community. For generations, it was used to build trust, share knowledge, and inspire others. That is why it is time for us to sit by the virtual fire and have a powerful conversation.

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Dolores Hirschmann on The Emotional Rollercoaster of Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Dolores Hirschmann is the founder of Masters In Clarity, a coaching company that offers programs designed to help entrepreneurs clarify their message, map their business strategy, and grow their influence. Dolores is an internationally recognized strategist, coach, TEDxOrganizer, and speaker and has been featured in several media publications and podcasts including the Boston Voyager, GROUNDWORK!, Master Leadership 360, the Women Worldwide Podcast, and Women’s Business Talk Radio Network. She is also the author of Stand out the TED Way: Be Seen & Grow Your Business. Dolores believes that ideas can have a positive impact on the world and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs increase their visibility and realize their exponential growth.

Dolores joins me today to share the defining, pivotal moments in her life and career that have helped her evolve into who she is today. She explains how clarity and action, together, creates impact and why it’s crucial to replace your fear with curiosity. She shares the challenges she experienced with building her personal brand, overcoming self-doubt, and building her self-confidence. She also shares how perfectionism and self-judgment have impacted her career and the importance of pushing past the fear to achieve your goals.

“Every single action reveals the next action.” - Dolores Hirschmann

005 Dolores Hirschmann VC
017 Franziska Iseli VC

Consistency, Courage and Embracing Your Inner 'Rebel' with Franziska Iseli

Franziska Iseli is an entrepreneur, strategist, winner of the 2013 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and the co-founder of several brands, including Basic Bananas, Moments of Humanity, The Business Hood, and Oceanlovers. She is passionate about ocean conservation and is the creator of the EOcean initiative. Additionally, Franziska is the author/co-author of books including The Courage Map: 13 Principles for Living Boldly, Bananas about Marketing: How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Happy Clients, and Perception: Take Charge of How Others View Your Brand, Become Irresistible, and Make a Bigger Impact. Franziska has been featured in outlets and publications including INC, Forbes, Business Insider, Virgin Inflight Entertainment, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, SmartCompany, and DynamicBusiness Magazine.

Franziska joins me today to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and the insights she gained as she got her early entrepreneurial ventures off the ground. She shares why mindset is so essential and some experiments and experiences she engaged in to learn about mindset, human behavior and her personal capabilities. Franziska also shares critical lessons she has learned along her journey, including the importance of embracing your failures, the power of taking imperfect action, and why you should release attachment to outcomes.

“Embrace failures. Be okay with failures. In fact, if we don’t ever fail, it means that we’re not trying hard enough.” - Franziska Iseli

Sustaining a Successful Lifestyle with Mark Silverman

Mark Silverman is an expert in leadership resiliency. He is a public speaker, coach, and host of the Mastering Midlife podcast, where he interviews business leaders and other coaches about conquering midlife. He is the author of Only 10s: Using Distraction to Get The Right Things Done, where he writes about fighting the distractions of everyday living to finally get a hold of your life and steer it in the direction you want. As a coach, Mark is also known to leave clients with increased effectiveness, a better understanding of decision making, and an ability to build their personal brand.

Mark joins me today to share what inspired him to pursue a career in coaching and how he built a successful and sustainable lifestyle from it. He describes what his life was like as an entrepreneur and how he defines success in life and business. He explains why he is an advocate of self-help and how to make self-help books work for you. Mark also discusses some of the people and books he looked to when he needed help.

"Choosing where you are is empowering to be able to move to where you want to be." - Mark Silverman

023 Mark Silverman VC
026 Kelly Wendorf VC

How You Can Lead From Behind with Kelly Wendorf

Kelly Wendorf is an ICF Master Certified Coach and founder of EQUUS, a discovery, leadership, and self-mastery development organization. The company offers coaching for clients, thought leaders, and certifications for advanced coaches. She also founded KIndred Magazine, an Australian non-profit and alternative media outlet, where she spent 15 years learning about neuroscience and neuropsychology. Kelly is also the author of Flying Lead Change, a unique take on leadership based on the ancient system of the horse herd.

Kelly joins me today to share her flashpoints in life and how she found her passion for horses. She describes how her father influenced her work today, the influential people in her life, and how working with horses affected her career trajectory. She explains why horses are connected to the Earth through their heart as well as what we can learn from the way they live together in a herd. Kelly also discusses the time she founded Kindred Magazine and her company, EQUUS, and the importance of understanding your true self and how it relates to the way you lead.

"The most powerful leadership is when you enable those you serve to be emboldened and be all they could be to the point where they don't even know you're doing anything." - Kelly Wendorf

The Guide Posts That Mark The Years of Our Lives with Praveen Tipirneni

Dr. Praveen Tipirneni is the President and CEO of Morphic Therapeutic, a company that is leading the way for developing new types of drugs for treating inflammatory diseases. Throughout his career, he’s gained extensive knowledge and experience in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. Not content with his expertise in medicine, Praveen also sought higher education to further his business acumen, earning his MBA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in healthcare finance.

Praveen joins me today to discuss his transition from being a doctor who treats patients to being the President of a pharmaceutical company. He shares what it was like to grow up in an Indian household and the pressure and expectations immediately placed on him. He describes where his fascination with science and technology came from and how it affected his life decisions as a student and as a professional. He also explains why he decided to leave his career in medicine in exchange for a career in pharmaceuticals and shares why there is no ‘perfect opportunity’ in life.

"Ultimately, that decision in where you go and what you do is a lonely and individual decision." - Praveen Tipirneni

028 Praveen Tipirneni VC
044 Bill Flynn VC

Breaking The Patterns of Our Thinking To Create Something Different with Bill Flynn

Bill Flynn is a Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Growth Advisors, a coaching company that aims to help leaders advance the way they perceive what should be done to run a successful business. His program revolves around the idea of Simplified Servanthood, where he puts what matters most to their team and customers into perspective over distractions. Bill has over 30 years of experience advising hundreds of companies, especially startups. He is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller FURTHER, FASTER, a self-help book centered on growth and mindset.

Bill joins me today to share how businesses should start making decisions based on science instead of what everybody else is doing. He shares the flashpoints that enabled him to realize his gifts in coaching and leading. He describes what it’s like to be a startup entrepreneur and what you should focus on if you want to become one. Bill also explains why many of today’s businesses are inefficient at what they do, especially when hiring new employees.

"There's a sizable gap between what science knows and what business does." - Bill Flynn

Allowing Yourself To Be Vulnerable with Rob Salafia

Rob Salafia is the CEO of Protagonist Consulting Group, an organization that aims to help leaders unlock their true potential, boost performance, and achieve their business goals. He has over 20 years of experience as a top leadership development executive. Before he became a professional speaker and executive coach, Rob was a traveling solo performance artist. From theaters and festivals to the streets, he told stories, tap-danced, and did wire walking to engage and delight his audiences.

Rob joins me to describe how you have to be vulnerable to truly express yourself and work on your shortcomings. He shares what it was like being a performance artist in the ‘80s, which inspired him to get started in the profession, and the people he entertained. He discusses what our learned gifts are and what leaders should do to become better with relationships and with themselves. Rob also shares how the book Clear Leadership influenced his current mindset.

"Our learned gifts are disruptions in our life that we've learned to overcome." - Rob Salafia

046 Rob Salafia VC
047 Ozan Varol VC

Getting Where You Want To Be with Ozan Varol

Ozan Varol is a former rocket scientist, turned award-winning professor, successful blogger, and the author of the number one best selling book Think Like a Rocket Scientist. His interest in science was piqued as a child, and he then worked in academia for many years. His work has been described as a ‘must-read’ by best selling author Susan Cain.

Ozan joins me to share his story; his crucial childhood experiences growing up in Turkey that shaped his interest in astronomy; his transition from Professor to his very successful writing, blogging and podcasting career.  He shares how he overcame a huge language barrier to come to the US to work on the Mars exploration rovers project. He discusses the many pivots in his life, the things he implemented in order to achieve his end goal, or ‘moonshot’, and he describes taking a leap, against advice, to start the blog and write the book. He also tells us of the book and poems that had a huge impact on his life.

" The high that comes from success lasts for the briefest of moments. It's all about the path, the process, the journey, and just retraining my brain to recognize those small moments of joy." - Ozan Varol

Uniting Business and the Arts with Jen Guillemin and Wendy Swart Grossman

What do capitalism and the arts have in common? Some might say nothing, but Jen Guillemin and Wendy Swart Grossman have a different answer. They recognize that business needs art and art needs business, and their mission is to bring the two together to create a powerful and balanced world for both. An arts advocate and a creative practitioner, Jen and Wendy are the co-founders of Creative Re/Frame.

Today, they join me to talk about what it is they do and why it’s important. We talk about the importance of combining talent, finding your inner artist, the importance of the creative arts in the business world, leadership, and much more. Join us as we delve into Jen and Wendy’s plan to make the world a better place.

“The time has come for us to stop pretending that we can live in a world that’s devoid of our expressive selves. We’ve teased businesses apart from what it means to be human.”

- Jen Guillemin

“Don’t be afraid of people who are different, because that’s where the conversation gets fascinating.”

- Wendy Swart Grossman

049 Jen Guillemin-Wendy Grossman VC
051 Jessica Rhodes VC

Personal Development Through Entrepreneurship with Jessica Rhodes

Jessica Rhodes is the leading expert on how to leverage podcast guesting, increase brand awareness, more leads, and higher profits. She created the podcast booking industry in 2013 when she founded Interview Connections, the first and leading agency of its kind. She is married with two kids and has reignited her passion for rescuing cats.

Jessica joins me to share her journey about getting started as an entrepreneur in the podcast industry. She talks about how she applied her previous job experience to working with something she enjoyed to grow a 6-figure business. Jessica also talks about the importance of networking and how to stand out when even asking questions. She also talks about how personal development in your business extends into your personal life.

“Entrepreneurship is a personal development journey in and of itself.”

- Jessica Rhodes

Finding Meaning in Work with Tammy Gooler Loeb

Tammy Gooler Loeb knew she wanted to serve as a child, but she didn’t know how she’d do it. After doing volunteer work, trying her hand in public policy, and becoming a grant writer, she settled on executive coaching. Now, she helps people to engage in work that’s meaningful, fulfilling, and satisfying, and she loves it because, according to her, coaching starts from a strengths-based perspective. She is also a motivational speaker and the host of her own podcast, Work From the Inside Out, on which I appeared some time ago.

Today, Tammy joins me to talk about what she’s learned in her vast experience. We talk about what it means to coach, humility, openness to what’s in front of you, and leadership. She tells me about the importance of  treating the whole person, as well as of helping people help themselves instead of doing it for them. She finishes by noting the importance of failure, referencing one of her favorite books.

“When people get lost, it’s usually because they’re looking for the answers outside of themselves.”

053 Tammy Gooler Loeb VC