Top of the Mountain


I'm working on my first book right now. It's the story of what "inside out transformation" looks like for the business world. It's for people who feel like something is missing in their lives and are asking themselves... "Shouldn't my life feel more fulfilling than this?" 

I feel passionate about one of the ideas I'm working on that involves the metaphor of a mountain, working hard to get to the top, and realizing that the struggle wasn't worth the cost.

I see this a lot in the business world. I see people sacrificing their health, their families, and their relationship to get to the top... only to realize the joy they were seeking never showed up.

The indication that you're on the RIGHT path is that you find a sense of gratification in the climb because you like who you are becoming. Struggle and friction are inevitable, but your journey should still feel rewarding and full of growth.

The indication that you're NOT on the right path is that you're unhappy, unfulfilled, and have a consistent fantasy that things will be better in the future when you finally get to the top. 

That's like being in a dysfunctional relationship and saying, "Let's get married and have kids. That'll make us happy." 

I'm not telling you what choice to make. I'm just telling you that whatever choice you DO make, do it with your eyes wide open about the mountain you're choosing to climb. 

I host a podcast called The Virtual Campfire. It's a podcast for people who saw the path they were on and took the zip line from where they were to the mountain they really wanted to climb. It's also for those who are currently questioning if they're on the right mountain for them.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in listening to, then check it out.

Virtual Campfire

There's nothing like getting out under the virtual stars and sitting around a virtual campfire with people who are just like you. Stay Inspired.


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