Things from the Past


I want to share with you some things from the past. 

Wall telephones. Dial-up modems. Video rental stores. Phone booths… I bet if we kicked back on the couch for an evening, we could come up with a really long list. 

Here's what's interesting. There was a time when all these things were the very best society could do. They were just a part of life as we knew it and, at the time, pretty much everyone except for the real visionaries thought to themselves… "This is as good as it gets." 

But you know that wasn't true because you can look back now and see how completely outdated they have become.

Like all these things I have mentioned, I know that sooner than later, we will live in a world where unfulfilled potential and burnout in the workplace are things of the past. I very clearly see a world emerging where people will come to work feeling inspired, fully energized, and driven by their purpose.

And many of you who still think your experience in the corporate workspace is "as good as it gets" will be looking back in a few years, thinking to yourself, "How could we have thought so small?"

Just as technology has improved in ways people couldn't have imagined, it started with people who had a vision for the next leap in our evolution as a society. 

I invite you to dream bigger. I invite you to see that there is a way of life beyond what you are currently experiencing. And I know this because I lived in that outdated paradigm for a long time. There's a new world coming. 

If you would like to see for yourself, I have created my new podcast, The Virtual Campfire, just for you. Maybe we'll see you there. Stay Inspired.


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