What Most People Don't Know


I'm most well-known for my financial leadership in biotech and my ability to wade through a sea of mind-boggling numbers. 

What most people don't know about me, however, is that while finance is my brilliance, my genius is in seeing people deeply.

This means that when I spend just a little bit of time talking with someone, I can very quickly understand who they are on a deeply personal level. I understand their desires, their needs, and ultimately what fills them with inspiration and fulfillment. 

My genius is what ultimately had me leave biotech because it just pained me too much to see so many good people hurting so deeply because they were feeling crushed by the system they were serving. 

Today I utilize the depth of my understanding of the industry while using my genius to help leaders find the path to changing the system from within… OR finding their exit to the system to experience the life, the fulfillment, and the success they're really here to be living. 

If this message sparks a little something inside of you, then maybe this is the call to adventure you have been waiting for. If you're feeling inspired or deeply missing your inspiration, let's have a conversation. Stay Inspired.


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