Art on Fire


Have you ever seen art on fire? I just watched a documentary on the Burning Man Festival called "Art on Fire." Wow!  Think what you want about Burning Man, but the concept of building truly massive, epic pieces of art in the middle of the desert has always captivated me. People show up, collaborate, create bold, inspiring artistic statements against a desert backdrop of incredible beauty for one week. Then it's burned - and within a few days, the entire festival is gone without a trace. It can never be recreated, but people take it with them in their hearts, and their memories and the impact of that art lives on within them. That's why 80,000 people did whatever they had to in order to make the pilgrimage to Burning Man last year.  

So, what if, in your own unique way, there was something inside of you that could impact people, move people, make a difference for people, leave a legacy of your vision for the world, and change people's lives? Setting "art on fire" may not be your thing, but what about living... with a "heart on fire"?

If you're operating from your head all the time, you simply can't be fully alive until you come into your heart. Regardless of whether you're inside or outside a company, if you have a game-changing vision, then you have an opportunity to experience this for real.  

If you want to live and lead with a burning passion in your heart, then let's have a conversation. Stay Inspired.


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