Are you a Wayfinder? It took me most of my life to realize that I was a Wayfinder. 

A choice point came in my career where I trusted something inside myself over what everyone else said was the right direction, and it led me to discover a whole new quality of life and career.  

One example of a classic Wayfinder would be an ancient sailor who traversed the oceans, not by using maps but by noticing the subtleties of the world around them. 

They would pay careful attention to the wind, the temperature of the water, the color of the sky, the different types of clouds, the direction of the currents, and of course… the stars, sun, and moon, and they would use that information as data points for their navigation.  

Today, I see so many leaders with their eyes buried in spreadsheets, charts, and computer programs that they've lost touch with their own inner Wayfinder. These are important tools, but they're also just maps... not the actual territory.

While this may seem like a lost skill, it's not. You've got it inside of you because your HOS, or Human Operating System, was designed for this.

Think about the difference between someone who leads using stats and measures and then panics when they lose wifi, compared with someone who leads because they are fully tapped into the moment by moment pulse of the bigger picture. That's a badass leader and likely one who people feel a lot of loyalty and admiration for.

I coach executives to discover their own inner guidance system so they can stand strong, present, and grounded at the helm of their ship and navigate through a sea of unknowns.

That's where great leaders like MLK, Gandhi, and countless others who influenced history lived from.  

If you think that getting in touch with your own inner Wayfinder would give you the edge you've been looking for, then maybe it's time for a chat. Stay Inspired.


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