Kona Get Better


Today I want to share something right from the heart. You see, we recently adopted our second puppy, Kona. Her name is inspired by our travels in Hawaii, which like her, is rich with color and full of life. I noticed the other night that she was very quiet and not her regular exuberant self, so I spent the night on the couch with her laying against my chest, but in the morning, she was moving slower, limping, and even throwing up. Oh boy!

There's a certain feeling that comes with caring for a gentle being like a puppy. She's already in a foreign environment; she's frightened and doesn't yet understand where she is or how she fits in, especially with the older, larger dog, Nora. But we have welcomed her into our family and every moment she was struggling was a moment we wished we could take the pain away. It is hard when you don't speak "dog." It's frustrating not to know what they're experiencing, and it makes us anxious because we feel a lack of ability to truly help.

You know, I think one of the reasons humans love dogs is because, beneath all the complex layers of our own egos and social patterning, we're not all that different. Beneath it all, we just want to love and be loved. And because I am someone who sees through those complex layers to the truth of who someone is, I feel a natural love for people and a deep desire to help them love themselves. This shows up in how I champion who people really are at their core such that it has the entire business prosper as a result.

As much as I wish, I spoke "dog," I don't. But I do speak human, and somehow it always surprises me that there aren't more people who do. If you're a leader or an emerging leader and want a real conversation with a genuine human who really gets the journey you are on and where you want to go, then give me a shout. I've got your back. Stay Inspired.


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