Embrace the Chaos


Have you ever consciously chosen to embrace a world of chaos? It sounds like an odd choice, but some time back, I felt compelled to spend a month of my life traveling through India.

India is exotic, mystical, and full of magic! So many great thought leaders come from India.

It is also the land of paradox. Beauty and ugliness. Opulence and starvation. The extremely rich and absolute poor. Plus, extreme comfort and extreme discomfort.

So, it was a leap of faith to jump in and immerse myself in what felt like an utterly upside-down world of beauty and chaos, but I had to experience it for myself.

I came back from that month with a greater understanding of life itself and of my work in empowering leaders to excel in their work and leave a legacy that makes a difference. 

Here are three things I have come to understand.  

  1. You have less control than you think: Driving around New Delhi is like jumping into a raging river filled with canoes paddling at top speed. It sounds counterintuitive, but in order to survive the natural chaos, you have to relax and abandon your need for control.
  2. Letting go of control causes you to live more in flow: When you learn to trust yourself more, overthink less, and take actions in the moment, it serves as a gateway to completely new experiences and opportunities.
  3. Driving on Indian roads teaches you that safety and security is an illusion: We can resist jumping into that raging river to feel like we're safe, but what we are really doing is putting our lives on hold. 

As a middle eastern existentialist once said, "Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life." 

Having experienced this for myself, it has gone beyond just an understanding. I now get in my bones, and you can too.

That's what has people with an inspired purpose go from living a safe life to becoming their own force of nature.

You really can feel refreshingly alive and at peace while navigating the world out there. 

If you know you have been holding yourself back, living a disappointingly safe life while knowing in your heart that your big dreams don't live here in your comfort zone, then let's talk. Let's find your inspiration.


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