Is It Time For An Upgrade to Your Human Operating System (HOS)?

You have heard it before, and I am sure you have said it yourself: "I am so busy. I have way too much I need to do! When I hear this statement (and say it myself), the word that really triggers me is "Do." We constantly feel like we need to be in action; we need to be doing something to make progress. Rest is for the weak; I will sleep when I am dead. Well, here is your wake-up call! We are Human-Beings, not Human-Doings!

As I have been writing my book, I have been thinking a lot about how we navigate our path to fulfillment. I believe that we should not aspire to a title, role, or external view of success, but instead think of what kind of person we want to be. Once we connect with who we want to be, we can make changes today to embrace what we want to become.

You see, each of us has an inner guidance system, our Human Operating System (HOS), that guides our every move, and we are the ones who are in charge of updating the code from time to time.

I want to introduce you to a new upgrade to your HOS that will catalyze you into Being more instead of Doing more in your life. I call it the Be-CODE, and it stands for Be Centered, Be Open, Be Detached, Be Elevated.

  • Be Centered: Being centered or grounded means that you are connected to your happy place when the challenges of life and the emotional turmoil of the world pushes you off balance.
  • Be Open: Being open means that you are ready to receive new ideas, you are tolerant of others' points of view. You are curious and open to exploration.
  • Be Detached: Being detached in most instances would be seen as a negative, but here it is not about emotional detachment, but instead detachment from outcomes. Having a vision and a goal, but being detached from what happens. Accepting what shows up and playing with what is.
  • Be Elevated: Being elevated means you realize that everything in life is connected, and therefore you operate from a place of win/win and co-creation with other people. You adopt an optimistic view of the world because you see challenges as opportunities.

There you have it, your upgrade is ready, and it will override your existing programming, so not to worry.

Go out, and Be Human!


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