Virtual Campfire with Diana Theodores "Performing As You"

Virtual Campfire

"Once you take that first step into the unknown, something extraordinary will meet you. Something that  you never imagined." – Diana Theodores 

One of my recent favorite episodes of The Virtual Campfire is my interview with Diana Theodores, "Performing as You." Diana joined me to talk about her background in dance and the role her father played in her journey of becoming the woman she is today.

She discussed the many strong parallels between theater and business, particularly leadership. She talked about the importance of living in and giving your all to the present moment. She says that everyone is creative and notes how important it is to recognize and unleash your particular creativity.  

She contrasts collaboration and competition, and she emphasizes that it's never too late for a new beginning. According to Diana, "When you are a theater director, you are engaged in the constant act of problem solving." 

Check out the episode here and many others here.

The fire is warm, and the stars are bright!


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