Project HR Podcast: Building High-Performance Teams

project hr

The goals of any corporation cannot be achieved by one person – it requires the skills and talents of  many, unified in their efforts. In short, you need a team - but building a high-performance team demands  great leadership, inspiration, and a plan for how to reach the finish line. 

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on the ProjectHR Podcast hosted by Jennifer Orechwa. We  talked about building high-performance teams. Jennifer created a great space to dig in and explore. We  covered so much ground, but the key concepts are: 

What makes a team "high-performing?" 

How utilizing unique metrics can better measure progress and performance; The leader's role in supporting high-performing teams; and 

The best ways to manage high-performing teams in the wake of a success or a failure. 

"High performing" can have a different meaning to everyone. A good way to define a high-performance  team is one that achieves great results under pressure with limited resources while building and  enhancing the culture of the individuals on the team. The overall goal must be focused on the team's  mission. 

Check out the episode here and many other places I have been showing up here.


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