Glass Blowing and Leadership


Do you have a seemingly obscure passion that no one would ever guess you are into?

One of mine is glass blowing. I’m a huge fan. My wife even bought me a class once. I loved it. Now, you won’t find my pieces in any museums, but they are functional.

I love creating art because inherent within that process is always a bigger picture.

In glass blowing, for example, it’s intense and focused work, but you’re also working with incredibly delicate material, so you have to really understand your material, or you will break it. In the same way, being a leader means being able to keep up the heat and the focus with others while also striking that balance with attunement and awareness.

So, the process of creating something beautiful is just as true for a piece of exquisite glass as it is for an entire corporation. In business, it’s about knowing your people, what they look like at their best, and having the skill to bring them there. I’ve seen a lot of leaders who just want to push their people as far as they can without any consideration for them as humans. That may get some results but nothing close to the kind of results from a company that feels like its own evolving work of art.

When a leader is so passionate about their mission that they’re inspired to fully engage with their people... those people tend to show up and give their whole heart to their work.

You could learn how to do this. You could learn this so that no matter what project you took on, those who were a part of it wanted to bring the vision of beauty you see to life. Doesn’t that feel right to you?

If you’ve got a big mission, vision, or purpose and you want to bring it to life, I’m here to help you get there. Let’s find your inspiration.


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