Universal Dance


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to overlook something extraordinary?

The heat of the sun travels 93 million miles through cold space, and there are still summer days when I say, "Man, it's hot out." I possess a device that gives me access to all the knowledge in the world in my pocket. And yet, we use it to "like" funny pictures of dogs and cats. Plus, the internet on airplanes or even the internet to begin with! Seriously!

Something that can be extraordinary to me but is often overlooked is the power of a conversation. I see conversations as an opening to another universe. Each one of us contains our own complex universe of experiences, ideas, and interests. We live in our own universe, and as we interact with each other, we can discover what it is like to be inside another person's universe.

In every conversation I have, there's an opportunity not just to see the world from a new perspective but to dance with another universe in a way that makes something possible that wasn't before.

The truth is, we're all impacting each other all the time, but we are rarely aware of it. So how we bring ourselves to a conversation can impact us for the better or worse.

As you come into your next conversation, see if you can open up to discovering this other person's universe. I promise you; it's a path to personal evolution, discovery, and success. Let's find your inspiration through a powerful conversation!


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