Conversations about Resilience


"You don't have to wait for a breakdown to make a shift. You can look for clues and start to take action before you break down." 

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on The Kintsugi Podcast hosted by Michael O'Brien. I love the concept of this podcast, which got its name from the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. Kintsugi is a metaphor for embracing your flaws and imperfections so you can realize your full potential.

Michael and I covered a lot of ground as I share the tough times that I have endured, how I pieced my life back together, and eventually made the shift from the executive suite to helping leaders avoid burnout. My favorite question that Michael asked was: What is resilience? This is how I responded:

I see resilience as our ability to recover from tough situations in life. It is our ability to adapt when our world changes. It is an opportunity for us to reveal our true selves in the face of challenges.

What do you think? Does this resonate with you?

Check out the episode here and many other places I have been showing up here.


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