What is Sparking Me Up: The Earned Life

What is Sparking Me Up


Watching: I recently watched The Earned Life, a documentary on the amazing Marshall Goldsmith. For those who don’t know Marshall, he is a highly acclaimed leadership coach and author of “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful.” What really struck me about Marshall is how his attitude about life simply radiates outward onto the people he meets. The one quote from the movie that has stuck in my head ever since is “I earn my legacy every day.” Since I love to guide leaders to connect with their legacy, I am always doing my own work in developing my legacy. This quote has challenged me to really think about how my mindset and behaviors shape my legacy every day. That is a powerful way to think and a good way to look at how you show up. As Marshall often says: “Only what you do in the present really counts as that is the only moment you can act to change for the better.” Check it out here.


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