What is Sparking Me Up: "Friday Forward"

What is Sparking Me Up


Reading: I am a big fan of Robert Glazer's weekly blog "Friday Forward" and have been reading it for years. His writing is a testament to showing up and writing consistently; you just keep getting better over time. One of his recent posts, titled "Uprooting Hate," cut right to the core of some of the challenges that our society has faced over the past year. Glazer talks about how a community is strengthened during times of adversity. In order to combat hate, we must confront our constant sowing of divisiveness and the implicit fanning of flames. We need to consciously widen our perspectives. He shares two truly inspiring stories that drive this point home. Where can you reach out to deepen your understanding of someone or something? It might reveal something unexpected that could change your perspective. If we are willing to have courageous and open conversations with people we don't understand, we can get to the root of our differences. Check it out here.

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Inspiring Vision


These photos are from the controversial Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia. They were taken last year when it was transformed by artist Dustin Klein using light projections into an installation titled Reclaiming the Monument. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have each been projected onto the monument as a moment of healing, while figures like Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, and Billie Holiday serve to remind us of the great Black thinkers throughout history. When I was thinking about uprooting hate and reframing, this was an image that landed in my mind.


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