Musical Evolution


Can you track your musical evolution? I started with classic rock. The Police. Led Zeppelin. Hendrix. The Grateful Dead.

Then I progressed to hard rock. AC/DC, Metallica, or Guns N Roses, and that was me more than 20 years ago.

And then, I transitioned into reggae and more diverse types of music like instrumental hip-hop, African Jazz, and neo-soul. How about you?

The amazing thing about music is that it doesn't just come from out of nowhere. Every musical artist stands on the shoulders of other musicians they were influenced by. But imagine for a moment that you were a musical artist and you just played the same music over and over again, never changing. It would probably seem monotonous, and you would feel stuck in a rut, right?

Many people look at their lives, and they see their experiences and their accomplishments as nothing special. And they feel bored because they're just playing the same songs over and over again. That's why it takes another artist to look at what they have done and help re-arrange the musical compositions, break old patterns and create something new that feels fresh and exciting.

I love amplifying people's impact by helping them see new ways to bring their unique form of impact into the world. That's when I hear people say things like, "I can't believe it. My life has completely transformed, just by changing a few things" And THAT is music to my ears. Let's find your inspiration. Rock on!


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