The Beauty of Being Wrong


How does it feel to know you did something wrong? For most people, there's nothing worse than having to admit they messed up.

And it makes sense. Back when we were running from dinosaurs and pterodactyls, being wrong about something could be the kiss of death for your whole cave clan.

So, we've got this instinctual response to being wrong that feels like we are in the spotlight of shame. But, in today's world, we need to upgrade our relationship with the word "wrong" if we're going to create what we really want.

Most of us live in a state of 'paralysis by analysis". We're so afraid of making a mistake that we take no action at all.

However, when we very thoughtfully make a choice and carefully pay attention to the feedback, it all becomes information that guides us to eventually getting it right, and THAT is a beautiful thing.

When leaders consistently move forward, make mistakes, review the information and readjust the course, they start to move further and further beyond the rest of the pack who are left behind because they're afraid to make a move to begin with. 

Now that is a badass leader on a path to creating whatever they want. 

And the good news is that you don't have to do it alone. 

You can have a trusted advisor right there beside you to help you get good at taking little risks, placing small bets, and learning how to take the tiny steps forward that lead to enormous opportunities. 

If you know you're meant for more than what you are creating, then maybe it's time for a conversation. Let's find your inspiration.


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