Listening To Your Intuition With Tina Reimer


Listening to your intuition leads you where you need to be. But you have to develop the art of listening to know what’s deep inside you. The show’s guest today is Tina Reimer, an artist, dancer, and a badass intuitive. Tina shares with Tony Martignetti her journey about how her past experiences made her a coach today. She works with people to lead them back to themselves using her intuition and skills. Listen to this episode and find out what happened when Tina didn’t listen to her intuition. Tune in and learn to follow your intuition!


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Listening To Your Intuition With Tina Reimer

It’s my honor to introduce you to my guest, Tina Reimer. Tina is an artist, dancer and a bad-ass intuitive. She works with people to lead them back to themselves using her intuition and skills as a coach and guide. She loves working with visionaries, dreamers, artists and unconventional thinkers. She's located in Germany, near Frankfurt, and loves to travel around the world. Tina, I want to welcome you to the show.

Tony, thank you so much for your invitation. I’m happy to be here.

I'm thrilled to have you. I’m looking forward to digging into your story and knowing so much about what brought you to this moment here with me.

I'm looking forward to all your questions and sharing my story and insights. Hopefully a lot of the people from the audience can take away a lot of lessons.

As you're probably aware, we talk about here what's called the flashpoint in your life. It’s the point in your life that ignited your gifts to the world. It could be multiple flashpoints. What I want to do is create a space for you to be able to share what you're called to share. Along the way, we'll stop, check in and see what themes are showing up, and what we can reveal about who we have here. When you're ready, take it away.

Do something around your strength and purpose.

I'm thinking already about where to start and what to share because one thing is very obvious. For this one, I'm thinking, “When and what exactly was the flashpoint?” If we go a little bit earlier, I discover some things which are coming up right now. Maybe this is interesting. I made music like playing guitar and oboe. As a child, the topic of music was already inside of me. I've played in practice and gave concerts. I wanted to study Music. There was this artist piece already inside me but I haven't felt, expressed, accepted or owned it. It's now coming to the surface undeniable.

There was this topic of music and artists. At fifteen, I started dancing and was together with a dancing teacher. We danced challenges and all this kind of stuff. The artist was there and then I put it away. It came to this working life. I did hotel education stuff, event management and marketing before I got self-employed. It was very obvious. I recognized through all my life that people came to me for talking and ask for advice, solution, shoulder to lean on, somebody who's listening. I did a lot of different jobs. In Germany, it's the red line. I don't know if it's the same in English. You see something always coming up again and again.

In this application, invitation talks for a new job or if they invite you to apply for it, I always say, “My strength is not the field I’m working or these job techniques that I need, but it is my personality because I know that I could feel people and see them. I definitely always see and feel who they are, what they feel, need and be there for them.” If we are talking about human design, it's transpersonal, so I get and feel them. It’s was very obvious that it's not the flashpoint but this is what always coming up. This is one of my zone of geniuses.

First of all, you said this was in the hospitality space like the hotels and event management. That's a skill and a gift that is powerful in that area. I assume that you’ve got a lot of people saying to you, “We want that.” Did a lot of people give you reviews and feedback saying, “You're amazing?”

VCP 53 | Listening To Your Intuition

Yes, to be honest and to own, it is not always easy. In retrospect I can say, “Yes, it was like this.” They got me on a job that was different to do something different. My strength was communication with people.

Tell me more about what happened. Here in the space, you can see your gifts starting to emerge but obviously, you didn't stay there forever. You were in there doing this type of work but you know there's this artist inside of you that wants to reveal itself. Tell me how this started to emerge more?

In between was the step. It was and still is more important. In 2012, it started that I get unsatisfied and unhappy with my job. I started to look for what can I do. I look for something like studying Psychology or maybe education as a coach. I haven't done it but my intuition was leading me there to say, “Tina, this is your strength. This is your purpose. This is why you are here. You have to do something about this.” A few years ago, I decided to be self-employed and location independent. I started my business first time in Chinese medicine because I had health issues and solved them with traditional Chinese medicine.

I had an education in this field. I then decided to be self-employed. I didn't want to be forever a freelancer because I started to be a freelancer in this marketing and event management stuff. I thought I solved my health issues and maybe this is so helpful so I could help others with it. I did one year of consulting in Chinese medicine. My intuition knocked at the door again and said, “Tina, this is not your topic.” I didn't want to be a health or a nutrition consultant. What for me was so interesting, and this leads again to this life coaching, people seeing, helping, guiding things. In Chinese medicine, it's all about yin and yang, and the holistic thing like the organs, how they relate to your emotions, life and lifestyle.

Follow what makes your heart sing.

This was more interesting for me than the nutrition part. My first coach was asking me like, “If you don't want to be a health consultant or something like this, what do you want to be? What do you want the people to know, say or be?” I said, “I want them to be happy. It was my purpose in my whole life because I was there, they came to me and I wanted to help them.” It’s the traditional thing like, “She wants to make them happy or help to be happy.” Then I started this life coach thing. My clients go through big and amazing transformations. They are reaching goals they never imagined. I introduce it back to themselves, “This is where I work to see who you want to be, how you want to be, how you want to live and what is your dream life.” This is very fulfilling for me. Seeing people rise, shine and grow is amazing.

The work you're doing for them is what you've done for yourself. Tell me about your personal journey to finding who you truly are. You make it sound so simple but it wasn't.

It’s amazing especially at this moment where there are artists and dancers coming up. For me, this is why I'm teaching a lot of stuff about intuition. I don't have education and coaching because it's my deepest belief that we don't need any education. We have everything in our life. I'm equipped with a lot of intuition. I'm feeling everything. I know everything, what to ask, add, hear, listen and feel. I teach this topic because this is also the red line throughout my life. It started with the thing that I wanted to study Music. It's coming up again right now with the artist thing. After some years, I wanted to live in a separate apartment from my husband. This was coming up three times more.

Some years ago we were separated then we have separated again in a different way but it's coming out after twenty years to completion. There was something coming up again and again. This is only one part. Knowing about human design, projector and that I need my space, it's coming up like, “My intuition told me this and that.” We are telling ourselves some crap stories to pull out ourselves of our truest wisdom. The job of being a coach or a guide for people was coming up again and again seeing that this is your purpose or biggest strength. In 2012, my intuition led me to check education stuff and coaching, studying Psychology. This is my intuition calling like, “This is the way. Please go there.”

There are so many points in life. They showed me where to go. Sometimes I ignored it, sometimes I did it, and this is all around my teaching stuff. We have all the answers and we know exactly what we want. You and I know it very well that in some moments, we have the feeling that we don't know anything about it, “What do I want to do? Who am I? I don't know anything,” but in general, our truest and deepest wisdom is only the challenge or the art of listening deep inside.

VCP 53 | Listening To Your Intuition

For this, you have to make space, time and be silent. I'm not talking about silent like meditation. It's having no distractions around you and spending time with yourself without any distractions that you could listen to. You ask yourself the right questions, then be ready and willing to listen. Before we start this process of personal development, unfortunately we are waiting so long that it hurts badly that we can't ignore it anymore. Thanks to intuition. She is leading us. After some years of personal development and growth to be lucky that I'm no longer waiting for something or some pain now I know, “I want to change, then I will change. There are some fears, then I have to go there. This is out of my comfort zone, then I have to go there.”

It's normal waiting for some pain. Unfortunately the first time, we are waiting until it hurts and then we are ready to change. It was the same with me. I had health issues, eight years of insomnia and no longer happy in the relationship, so I waited for everything and then I was ready to change. I started to look up what's possible or maybe my intuition leads me to this location independent lifestyle because my second passion is traveling.

I always wanted to travel more. I thought I have to be a photographer or somebody who writes for magazines to be able to travel. This was my limiting belief. Nothing different. I could travel. I discovered the travel blog and that you can do a business out of your passions. It was not about, “I want to be a travel blogger,” but it was like, “You can be everything, do everything and make a business out of it.” This opens a completely new door. I had separated from my husband. I can travel the world and be self-employed. I started this traditional Chinese medicine consulting first while traveling the world, came back and lived again in Germany. This was the biggest part of, “Waiting that it hurts and you can't change it anymore,” and then solve the problems step by step.

Be patient and loving with yourself.

You made me think of a book by Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek. He's always talked about how he was able to create that work from anywhere, and that is so cool. It’s easier said than done but one can dream. The thing that I was thinking about around intuition is it is like one of those voices in your head. It's the quietest voice. You do have to get super quiet to listen to it. One of the things that came up for me and it was going to be a question I'd like to ask you is the internal and external critics that scream at you like, “You've got to be kidding me. You can't do that. That's not possible,” the naysayers, did you have that? Were there people telling you that you're absolutely insane for doing what you do, then your intuition somehow chimed in and was able to champion for your cause?

Is it a question for my old life and me, or in between now?

You could speak to your own life and how it has changed.

I see it with all the clients or people I've met. Most of the time, we are aware of this little voice. There are people who can't and don't know how to listen to it or what is the intuition? I'm teaching, “We start recognizing again what is your intuition.” Many people know this voice but not taking it seriously. Let's start with this music thing. It was the same like, “As a musician, you can't earn money.” A limiting belief from the society was there, “I didn't know how to turn limiting belief, then I don't do it.” There was the intuition and this other voice, I cut down my intuition. Some years later, I want to live in a separate apartment. My husband came, “No, let's do it together. You can't do this,” so because of harmony and love, “I will stay here.”

My intuition is cut by surrounding. After 1 or 2 years out of the hotel, so many people every year said to me, “You have to be self-employed.” For me, it was because my husband was self-employed, had many debts and financial problems. I was the one who earned money and paid all the bills. It was like, “I get it but one person has to earn money." There was this limiting belief of, “Self-employment is risky.” Now I know all limiting beliefs are crap stories because you can earn money like this on the first day but then it was limiting beliefs and conventions of the society.

There was always the recognition of the intuition but not the awareness of, “This is my truest and deepest wisdom. I have to stay with it because I know that it will come again.” For everybody who’s reading, you can be 100% sure that these voices won't ignore you. They will come up again louder and most of the time more uncomfortable. It’s helpful if you are listening and aware that you take it for granted and then you did it seriously, “This is this voice. I know this is my deepest wisdom.”

VCP 53 | Listening To Your Intuition

Even if 100 people say, “You are crazy or insane. You can't do this. You will go in debt. This is not secure,” you will say, “No but it's my truest and deepest wisdom.” This has completely changed now because I've learned it so often recognizing like, “This was my intuition. It led me here.” I already knew it like, “She was always telling me what I'm doing right now. Why I’m not listening, acting accordingly and immediately?" I trained it for myself like, “This is my voice and truth. I will act on it no matter what others say or my head is telling me.”

You beautifully described it because there's a pattern that gets uncovered. A lot of what we talk about here is there's an element of seeing when you look back and you say, “These things have shown up every time.” Even in times when it didn't quite go according to plan, it was according to plan. That was the plan. That's what people say like, “You're making it convenient.” Is it? The reality is that there is a path around that is meant for us to create where we meant to end up and here you are.

This is the combination of we can be so lucky that we have this deepest wisdom. She helps us finding this path and leading us in the right direction. What I've learned is that you meet people, know a person, decide some step in your business or private life and these situations or people lead you to another step. You wouldn't have imagined that this person or situation will lead you to what feels so good, right and happy. If you're thinking back, even people where you hadn't had the best relationship or the best situation but out of this came something you needed for your path. I love being on this journey called life.

Everything happens for a reason. If you see, “What was the gift in there? From him, I learned to know this person. My intuition led me to why I wanted to go to this event, signed up for this one and moved to this city. I get to know this woman.” If you're coming in this flow of life and trusting part of life, intuition, surrender, devote, this is a completely different concept of life because we haven't learned it. Nobody has taught us that this is the way to live your life and it's not about structure, mind, thinking or strategize. This is not the way we are finding it.

It's exactly why I think about the structure makes us comfortable and safe. When you think about that, following where things can unfold more naturally, that's the beautiful part of life where you can see things where they take shape. It's more powerful that way. I'd love to shift gears a little bit. You've had quite a journey to where you are now. I want to know what lessons that you've picked up along the way and the most profound message that you want to share with everyone reading?

I already shared this deepest wisdom. The deepest learning or lesson through my life is to listen to my intuition. It is the deepest message I have. We can add some around this because it's in their listening. For living their truly fulfilling, blissful, happy, joyful life with a deeper sense of having a real purpose, follow your intuition. What it also means is to follow joy, passions and what makes your heart sing. What fills up your soul? What are your desires or needs? What are you drawn to? Which topic or field are you forgetting the time? I know that all these phrases are sounding like a little bit on the surface or everybody uses it. At the same time, they are deeply true if you are following what your intuition, heart and soul are saying because they don't let you go. They are coming up again.

Listen and don't ask yourself, "How can I do this? This is not possible," and all these stories. Follow it and ask better questions. It's not about like, “This is not possible. How can I refuse this one? How can I let go of the fear? I fought this.” Asking in a different direction, “How is it possible to earn some money or make money out of it? What can I do to integrate my passion for music into something? How is it possible to travel the world by driving a car?” Ask yourself what do you want and not what you don't want.

Obviously these questions are profound in the sense that they come out of your head but they get answered from your heart. That's what makes the big difference. If you try to answer it from your head, then you get stuck. The place where it needs to be answered from is almost as if you could speak from your heart. That's where the power comes.

Being patient and lovely with yourself not to think that the answer has to come straight away after you questioned. If you're asking yourself the question, it should not be frustrating but sometimes it could last months, days or weeks. One example of coaching. I was in a money mindset coaching and there was a question like, “Which problem are you solving for the world, people and your audience?" I was like, “Which problem do I solve? I don't know.” She then said to me, “This is the question you are asking. Do you have nothing to do? You are asking this question day by day.” I was asking for 14, 15, 16 days and had no answer. After two weeks, I got the answer. I want to encourage everybody to ask the right questions, trust the universe and your intuition. You will receive it. Not immediately after pushing a button as we are used to in this world. It's like being patient, surrender and receiving.

I have one last question for you. It's a little outside of the field of what we've been talking about, but what is one book that has had an impact on your life?

VCP 53 | Listening To Your IntuitionA lot of books because of these different fields where I needed help and found them in books. There was this, “What should I do? I have many interests.” There were some different parts in my life where I had some books that helped me through. If you asked the question, directly one is coming up and then there are coming 2 or 3 more which helped me in another direction. The one that is coming up is The Prosperous Coach of Rich Litvin. It was in this field of becoming a professional coach. I was always this professional coach and offering it. I hadn't had this education. I only knew that it's me. I am a coach and I have this bad-ass intuition.

I've read this book of a concept and it felt like, “This is me. I have to do this in this way, building relationships one-on-one, one after another.” I recommend this book to everyone who wants to get a coach because it's different from everything else you hear and see in this online world and education stuff from being a coach. I love to be location-independent but in general, I'm this offline back to the roots’ person. I'm not spending so much time in front of the computer. I love the jungle and nature. For me, this book is back to the roots. It connects one to another, being present with themselves and it was like coming home.

I love the way you described that because I've never known it that way. In some ways, it makes me think that the name of the book is wrong because The Prosperous Coach sounds like it's about making money. It is about making money but it connects the visceral around conversations and about connecting with people and serving. You described it in a better way than the book title.

We are here making money because then we can serve even better. We can make even better things for ourselves and for the world. Making money is the best thing you can do. For sure, this is the goal behind it. There is so much love in it. With love, we are making money because money is love, so it makes so much sense.

I can't thank you enough for coming here and bringing your intuition, energy, story and insights. Tina, this was amazing. Thank you for coming to the show.

Thank you for having me.

You’re welcome. I also want to give people a chance to know where to find you if they want to find out more about you.

My website is simply, and then you'll find me on Facebook and Instagram. There is a podcast. If the audience is reading this episode, I'm starting one and then it will be started in English too.

Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm looking forward to having people engage with you more because it's powerful when people get a chance to experience you in full. I also want to thank the readers for coming on this journey with us. Tina, thank you again.

Thank you, Tony.

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About Tina Reimer

Tina ReimerI want to live in a world

  • which is characterized by love and togetherness.
  • in which people understand that it takes so much less than they often think.
  • in which people reflect on the essentials and live it very consciously.
  • who has freedom and peace as top values.
  • in which we humans live in harmony with nature and do not destroy it any further.
  • in which we help, support and encourage each other.
  • in which there cannot be enough love, sun and good because we have so much catching up to do.

As a life & empowerment coach, I have been working with:

  • Free spirits and lateral thinkers
  • authentic personalities
  • Creatives and artists
  • and all the people who finally want to listen to the melody of their heart again.

And it drives me to see these people shine more. To bring into their power. And to accompany you on a way back to yourself and to your wishes. I love to be able to infect people with my inner calm and to see them come to life. To show you that a life according to your own taste is entirely possible.

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