Be Brave at Work!

be brave at work

"Bravery is about going within and seeing where you are holding yourself back… and letting go."

I went into my archives and pulled out this gem of a podcast episode to share with you. Ed Evarts is a good friend and mentor whose podcast, Be Brave at Work, is truly incredible. Ed is the author of two excellent books, Raise Your Visibility & Value and Drive Your Career. We had a powerful conversation about being brave at work and building your bravery muscle so that you can get stronger and stronger over time through small steps. We covered a lot of ground and, here are the key insights: 

  • How to have the confidence to speak out and use your voice 
  • The quest for bravery begins and ends in your mind 
  • The power of having honest conversations with yourself and others 
  • Reflections on my moments of bravery 
  • How bravery exists outside of your comfort zone 
  • Why some people are scared of success 

Check out the episode here and many other places I have been showing up here.


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