What Frogs in Hot Water Can Teach About Thinking Again


I recently have been inspired by the latest TED Talk from organizational psychologist Adam Grant titled "What frogs in hot water can teach about thinking again." His new book, Think Again, is fantastic (I am sure I will be featuring it in my newsletter soon). In this talk, Adam uncovers why humans are so slow to react to looming crises, like a pandemic or a warming planet. Surprise! It is because we are reluctant to rethink our thinking. From a near-disastrous hike on Panama's highest mountain to courageously joining his high school's diving team, he illustrates how tunnel vision around our goals, habits, and identities can find us stuck on a narrow path. We can broaden our focus and remain open to opportunities for rethinking. I completely relate to Adam's story of the hike in Panama, having had my own experience on Mount Washington just like this and from my journey to rethink my professional path. One of the ideas that have stuck with me is the "escalation of commitment to a losing course of action." I think so many of us experience the escalation of commitment in our careers, and we find it hard to make a change because we have invested in so many decisions we have made along the
journey. Check it out here.


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