Just Beyond Yourself - David Whyte

I recently re-discovered an amazing poem from David Whyte called Just Beyond Yourself, and I wanted to share it with you because I think it holds such a powerful message:

Just beyond yourself

It’s where you need to be

Half a step into self-forgetting and the rest restored by what you’ll meet

There is a road always beckoning

When you see the two sides of it closing together at that far horizon and deep in the foundations of your own heart at exactly the same time,

That’s how you know it’s the road you have to follow

That’s how you know it’s where you have to go

That’s how you know you have to go

That’s how you know

Just beyond yourself, it’s where you need to be

What would happen if we all went beyond ourselves every day? If instead of holding back out of fear, we leaped into the unknown? If instead of holding our tongues to avoid conflict, we spoke our truths? I think this poem is a call to live a more courageous life. What do you think? Check it out here.


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