Inspiring Vision: Amy Genser


This piece of art comes from multimedia artist Amy Genser who creates stunning depictions of ocean reefs using nothing but canvas, paint and rolled paper. She has an obsession with texture, pattern, and color. The natural world is a clear source for Amy’s work. She is fascinated by the flow of water, the organic irregularity of plants and flowers, rock formations, moss, and seaweed. Her artwork brings to mind aerial landscape views, satellite imagery, and cellular biological processes. Check out more of her work here.

If you follow me, you have noticed that I am inspired by the natural world as well! We often walk through the world, oblivious to how things are working in harmony around us.

In my work with my clients, this is one of the things I love to dive deeply into. What can we do to align ourselves with our inner harmony? Are you moving towards your inner world, or are you moving away from it?


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