Are You Waiting For A Sign?


Are you waiting for a sign? Are you looking for the light to turn green to let you know that now is finally the time to move forward on that book, that project, or that dream you have had? 

I have got some great news and some not-so-great news. Which one would you like first? 

Ok. “Not so great news” it is.  

Most people look back on their lives and realize they missed their window of opportunity because of a story that they didn’t have the money, the confidence, the skills, or the right environment. 

However, everything you see in your life…  It is all made up.  

I completely made up my business. My podcast. My new book. They were just ideas, and I followed the stepping stones to make them real. Some parts were scary and confronting… other parts were exciting and rewarding. 

And I didn’t do it alone. I called on coaches, guides, and mentors for support and encouragement. Because underneath my own fears and hesitations, I know that you, me, and everyone we know are creators at the core. With the right actions, we truly can manifest whatever we want.  

Now that I have created these things, I have set my sights on my next goals on the horizon... and I still get confronted and have to work through my own stories... so, even as I share this message with you, I am also speaking to myself for what’s next.  

And that’s the good news. You don’t have to wait. You can be the hero of your own story, and just like a superhero with a sidekick that comes in to save his butt every now and then, I am here for you.  

Your dreams already exist. It is just a matter of walking the steps between where you are and where they come into being. Let’s find your inspiration. 


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