Fall Season Paradox


The Fall Season is kind of a paradox for most of us. We begin gearing up for the holidays; there are social obligations and celebrations to attend, school is in full swing for those of us with kids, we start thinking about holiday gifts and get-togethers, we try to figure out how to balance work and life.

Around us, at least in my part of the country, Nature is slowing down. The leaves start to fall off the trees, and many plants go dormant to rest for the colder months, the weather cools down, animals fly south for warmer climates. When it snows, the world gets so much quieter as the sounds of normal life are blanketed and buffered by its appearance. 

Ultimately, our lives are always about balance, about alternating the slowness with the fast pace, the family time with the jobs, our own needs with others. 

When we are stuck in a place of being unfulfilled, we can feel burdened, overtaxed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. When we are coming from a place of fulfillment, these things become manageable, enjoyable, and time worth treasuring. Which one do you want to feel today?

If you’re feeling the former and want to find out about how I can guide you into that fulfillment state of being, contact me today!


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