Celebrate Your Wins


One of the best things about my work is that as my clients evolve, so do I. And that can sometimes be humbling. 

One of the things I talk about is celebrating our wins. It’s so important to do this AND... it’s something I’m still working on for myself. 

I will accomplish something that others would see as impressive and then notice the voice in my head that says, “Yeah, well… it is what it is. No big deal…Let’s move on to the next thing.” 

And that’s a trap because when we accomplish something big and then move on without pausing or celebrating, it conditions us to feel that we have to strive for more and more and more in order to get even a little hit of validation to feed our egos.  

It’s so ingrained in us to roll over our wins, but it’s a path that can never lead to fulfillment because it’s based on unfairly comparing ourselves to others who are further along. 

It’s tough for most of us because it ties into our primal survival mechanisms that are doing more harm than good in our modern era.  

The unexpectedly simple, magical solution to all of this is to switch our focus from “comparison with others” to “comparison with yourself.” Meaning, who you were yesterday.” In truth, that is really the only metric that really matters here. 

When people look at me, they may say, “That dude is unstoppable.” Compared to someone else, I may have barely moved the needle, but compared to who I was yesterday, it’s freakin’ momentous, and the more we, you, and I acknowledge the truth here, the more it frees us up to keep going. 

If you want to play a big game, then start by comparing yourself to the right person. Come on... we’ll do it together.


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