Look Through A New Lens


I recently discovered a book that had me see things through a new lens, or a few different lenses, to be more accurate. Jim Gilmore, author, professor, and co-founder of Strategic Horizons created a helpful tool to help us perceive our world. In his book, Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills, Gilmore took his inspiration from Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats method to introduce the metaphor of ''six looking glasses.'' Each looking glass represents a particular skill that will alter your perspective.

The six skills include binoculars, bifocals, magnifying glass, microscope, rose-colored glasses, and blindfold looking. Each looking glass provides an observational lens through which to see the world differently. The framework helps:

  • See the big picture
  • Overcome personal bias
  • Pinpoint significance
  • Better scrutinize numerous details
  • Uncover potential opportunities
  • See what's in the mind's eye

These thinking models will help you ground your ideas in practical observation so you can ensure that you explore your business, project, teams, relationships, and career from multiple points of view. How would seeing with new eyes change your world?

Check it out here.


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