School Of Purpose: Creating Purpose with Leadership

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School Of Purpose: Creating Purpose with Leadership

How does purpose play into leadership? What does it mean to be a purposeful leader?

Tony Martignetti is a former business executive who now coaches leaders in finding purpose in their own lives and leading others with purpose. He's written a book and has his own podcast. He uses his experience and wisdom to be a "chief inspiration officer" for others. He makes clear that purpose isn't just for us. We use it to make other people's lives better too-especially through leadership.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • Why we unearth things within ourselves in order to help others
  • The strategy of making "small bets" with experiences to find purpose
  • The difference between achievement and purpose
  • The relationship between purpose and effective leadership
  • How to inspire other people into purpose

You can find Tony online at:
His podcast:


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