Smashing the Plateau: Becoming Inspired in Your Work and Life


Smashing the Plateau: Becoming Inspired in Your Work and Life

Tony Martignetti is a leadership development expert, entrepreneur, idea generator, and people connector. He brings together practical experience, formal training, and extreme curiosity, to elevate leaders and equip them with the tools to navigate through change and unlock their true potential.

We discuss:

  • Leave the room to change the room [02:04]
  • The magic world of art, business, and science brought together [05:02]
  • All about managing the way people see themselves from the core [08:00]
  • If you’re willing to feel everything, you can have anything [11:32]
  • You have to prepare for a longer hike [12:54]
  • That someone who can help you get on the other side [15:27]
  • The difference between what employees need versus what entrepreneurs need [16:18]
  • It’s not about changing who you are but amplifying who you are [17:50]
  • How to create a real focused audience of people who you want to work with [19:07]
  • The things that wait to be unleashed [21:14]

Before becoming a coach, Tony was a finance and strategy professional with experience working with some of the world’s leading life sciences companies. Along his journey, he also managed small businesses and ran a financial consulting company.

Tony is the host of The Virtual Campfire podcast and is currently writing his first book, “Climbing the Right Mountain.”

Learn more about Tony at and LinkedIn.


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