Power of Purpose


People often talk about how important it is to find your purpose, but what does it mean to have your purpose find you?

Let’s imagine for a moment that “purpose” has its own life force, just as the life force of a grapevine allows it to grow to 115 feet long and 80 feet high.

I have a different way of looking at purpose because I believe your purpose already exists, and just like a grapevine, it wants to expand and blossom into its full potential.

We can offer the structure for it to grow. We can serve as the trellis for our particular “purpose-vine” to climb.

I believe the life force of our purpose is uniquely drawn to us because we each have a unique identity structure for the right purpose to thrive in the world.

So... from this perspective, how do we seek and find the purpose which is also seeking us?

Many people move through life getting pulled into patterns that don’t serve them and it takes them off-path from finding their purpose.

To connect with the life force of our unique purpose, we have to do what, for most of us... is an unthinkable action.

We have to take our time and our energy and SLOW down. We have to slow down so that we can let the whispering voice of inspiration guide us. This means taking time for ourselves. It means listening to our own inner voice and letting it guide us toward books, talks, experiences that may not seem directly related to money, success, or career and discovering what they lead us to.

For those who are REALLY ready for this, I’m here to help you fast-track it. You could take years or even decades to slowly excavate it yourself; I certainly did. Or you could have a few conversations with me, and I can help you start to see what’s been waiting for you to see it.

My purpose is to see the masterpiece in everyone and create a space for them to reveal it.

What’s yours? Let’s find your purpose.


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