From Resign to Re-Align


Let's Shift From Resign to Re-Align

Over the past few months, many people have asked me what my thoughts are about the Great Resignation. I have many viewpoints on this growing trend, and I have gathered a lot of insights from leaders, professionals in transition, and thought partners I have talked to recently. With people leaving their jobs in record numbers, the impact of this trend will have a long-term effect on everyone, so it is no surprise that this topic is on everyone's minds.

The pandemic created an opportunity for many people to re-assess what is important to them, leading to new career priorities and goals. But, unfortunately, some job-changers are taking a short-sighted view and are risking a great career path for something that might be a poor fit down the road. For employers, it is leading to a scramble for talent, and it is causing some companies to make bad hires which can often be worse than leaving a position vacant a little longer.

Companies that are ahead of the curve are taking action by deploying strategies to keep people from leaving. For example, monetary incentives for people to stay, better career opportunities, prioritizing culture and connection and embracing flexibility. I think all of these are a great start, but I think we have to take it a bit further.

I propose we re-frame the Great Resignation as the Great Re-Alignment. What if we look at this time as an opportunity for leaders to have honest conversations with their employees to re-commit and re-align with them? This could be an opportunity to re-imagine and re-commit to the vision of where the company is headed. Leaders can provide honest, transparent answers to what they know and what they don't know about the future. Leaders could re-affirm what they are committed to and what their intentions are. If an employee is aligned with the vision and commitments for the future, they will be more likely to stay. If not, then maybe it is time for them to find a place that is more aligned with them. What do you think?


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