Collect the Dots Then Connect the Dots


Have you ever had an experience where all the dots suddenly connected themselves?

It’s that beautiful moment where everything that had previously seemed like a mess of information suddenly formed a direct path from where you were to where you wanted to be.

When that happens, it’s like the weight of the world suddenly drops away, and it is replaced by feelings of clarity, excitement, and relief.

For some people, this is a rare experience, while others experience it all the time. So, what’s the difference here? I find that it’s all represented in a 7-word phrase that simply states: “Collect the dots to connect the dots.”

As we go about our lives, we have the opportunity to engage in new conversations, read different articles, listen to various thought leaders, learn from different schools of thought and even have unique experiences that have nothing to do with our work, vision, or career.

Personally, I love going to museums to see brilliant expressions of edge-pushing artists. It’s all information, and it gives us new perspectives, views, and concepts. And then, once the right pieces are in place, somehow, magically, the dots start to line up, and we have an epiphany.

We start to see the connection between these different things. We get to step outside of our old way of thinking as we find ourselves arriving at a new vantage point on the mountain.

We have quite literally collected the dots, and now our internal process has brilliantly connected the dots. But here’s the kicker, without “collecting,” there’s no “connecting,” and that’s the difference between those who move forward and those who feel stuck on their particular plateau.

However, the good news is that it pretty much involves just enjoying, exploring, and celebrating life more. You find the path that draws you in, and you start to explore it more. When I work with my clients, I help them discover that path so they can collect the dots, connect the dots, and accelerate the stepping stones to where they want to be.

Collect to connect.


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