Running to Stand Still


One of my favorite bands when I was growing up was U2. I must have seen them live at least ten times over the years. I recently read the backstory to their song, “Running to Stand Still,” and was fascinated by what I found out.

Bono, the lead singer, asked his brother how his struggling business was going, and he replied, “It’s like running to stand still.” Interesting...

In business, we often work hard to get somewhere, only to find that we are just treading water and not really going anywhere. We get so focused on managing the details that we get consumed with staying afloat, never moving forward, and often… feeling like we are falling behind.

Well, that’s no good. More than likely, you are in business because you want to move forward, meet goals, and achieve new levels of success. Right?

One of the biggest obstacles for entrepreneurs to overcome is consistently getting clients. In some ways, it feels like we are the jungle cat always hunting for our next meal. We are always chasing after what we need to survive.

Well, what if, instead, we came from an abundance mentality? Instead of chasing nourishment, we offered sustenance to others.

That’s where we shift from being the predator… to becoming “the watering hole” that everyone wants to come to.

As a coach, an entrepreneur, or a business leader, you have skills, gifts, knowledge, experience, and wisdom that are highly valuable to others. The more value you offer the world, the more people gravitate to you and see you as essential to their survival.

This comes with learning to express yourself so people can hear your message clearly, feel your passion and see your brilliance. I guarantee that people are looking for what you have right now. It’s just about learning how to become the source of sustenance that people are already seeking.

This is the kind of thing I love to help people with. If you’d like to switch it up and do less running, maybe it’s time for a conversation.


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