Finding Your Freedom


Would you like to hear the three questions to ask yourself to find freedom in your business?

In 2018, I chose to leave the corporate world. It was a huge expression of my commitment to personal freedom. And it was terrifying because I was leaving behind everything I knew. I was Christopher Columbus sailing off into a great mystery, trusting with all my heart that a whole new world was out there… somewhere. I knew that if I discovered this new world, I could chart the path for other people who were also looking for it.

I am proud to say that this has become a reality. And… one of the most important things I have discovered in this journey is that the only thing more important than finding your freedom is not letting your newfound freedom become your own prison.

Once we emancipate ourselves from the structures and systems we once felt imprisoned by, how do we avoid rebuilding that prison for ourselves?

At this point, I can speak from experience when people share with me that they feel starved for intimacy and connection. They feel like an accordion expanding and contracting, running towards and away, feeling exhausted, bitter, or drowning in self-judgment. I know all these experiences intimately. I have felt quite humbled in seeing where I have not only built structures and systems that have me feel trapped but also where I have unknowingly brought my old limiting beliefs and stories into my new world of freedom.

The word freedom is a noun. But to me, it is a verb because true freedom is a continual process.

And here are the three questions to ask yourself to find freedom:

  • Are the systems and structures in my life and business creating more stuckness or freedom?
  • Are my thoughts and feelings creating more stuckness or freedom?
  • And perhaps most importantly: How can I create a beautiful, self-sustaining ecosystem for myself?

After all, isn't that the kind of freedom we all really want? You don't have to do it alone. That is the journey I am on, and if you know that's the kind of freedom you dream of, then we have something in common.


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