An Inspired Poem: Grounded


The earth beneath my feet, so strong and true,

It grounds me in a way that nothing else can do,

With each step, I feel the calm and peace,

And all my worries and fears seem to release.

I walk with courage, for I am not alone,

The connection to the earth, a feeling like home,

And as I explore with curiosity in my heart,

I discover a world that's been there from the start.

I see the beauty in every plant and tree,

And I feel the energy that surrounds me,

And with compassion for all that's living,

I feel my spirit lift, my heart forgiving.

For in nature, I find a sense of grace,

A reminder of the goodness in this place,

And I am grateful for this grounding force,

That brings me back to a sense of course.

So let us all take a moment to reflect,

And find our footing with nature's respect,

For in this grounded state, we'll find our way,

And live each day with purpose and play.


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