An Inspired Poem: Sparks of Inspiration


Sparks of inspiration, they fly in the air

Tiny but mighty, they dance everywhere

Flickering, glowing, they catch our attention

A spark of an idea, a new invention

They come in different shapes and forms

A dream, a vision, a whisper, a storm

A sudden insight, a creative urge

A voice inside that's hard to purge

Igniting the spark, the fire within

The drive to create, to explore, to win

To follow the heart, to chase the dream

To make the impossible, a possible theme

Each person holds a spark inside

A potential waiting to be realized

To shine their light, to make a mark

To leave their legacy, not in the dark

So let the sparks of inspiration fly

Let them guide you to reach the sky

To set your passion ablaze, to be bold

And let your unique story be told.


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