The Art of Illumination: Finding Meaning and Self-Expression Through Light and Shadows


Imagine for a moment that you had to pick one thing of significant meaning to get permanently tattooed on your body; what would it be? Some of you reading this message already have tattoos on your body that carry significant meaning. I have a few myself, but it is the upcoming one I want to tell you about.

There is an incredible artist that creates these ornately designed boxes that are displayed in a few museums around the world. They hang from the ceiling, perfectly balanced, above the floor and below the ceiling of a room. There is a light inside the box, and everything is designed, measured, and engineered so that every surface of the room is covered in the most exquisite display of shadows and light you have ever seen. It is truly extraordinary.

I love this art because it represents how when the light within each of us shines outward, it creates a display of shadows and light that are always unique and brilliant in their own way.

That is what it is to be human, and that is what carries so much meaning for me. I see that in myself. I see it in the clients I work with, and I see it in the beauty of humanity itself.

I will be getting this as a tattoo within the next few months because, for me, it represents an aspect of who I am and what my life is devoted to. Helping leaders illuminate their path forward by sparking their light within and using the light and shadows to create their unique self-expression that becomes their path to success.

As Walt Whitman said in his poem, "Song of Myself," I am large; I contain multitudes. We all do, and there is space for all of you who you are to play, create and bring your best self forward. And like anything worth learning, there is an art to it. Those who do not learn the art can feel quite literally trapped in a box, while those who do go on to create incredible things. If you would like to get a sampling of what's possible for you, then let's chat.


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