What's On My Mind


There's something on my mind lately, and it has been central to what I am leaning into these days. Life is an emotional roller coaster, but in these current times, it's all magnified. Having been the financial leader for multiple billion-dollar drug portfolios, I want to share my perspective on how we can come out of these times even better than before.

Peaks and valleys are just a natural part of the human experience. If you have been on the peaks, then you also know you can end up in the valleys when things get tough. And yet we would never appreciate peaks if it wasn't for the valleys.

So, it's a natural part of being human. But how do we keep from getting stuck in the valleys for longer than we need to? 

What I see is, it comes down to this. The valleys are here to teach us. When we've learned what we need to, we naturally find our way to the next peak.

When a surfer wipes out during a big wave, they know the last thing they should do is struggle or panic because it exhausts and depletes them.

Yet, when they relax and fully surrender to the experience, they get their bearings and naturally start floating to the surface.

Moving through the peaks and valleys of life is like that. I can't tell you how many times something has failed during a billion-dollar project. And yet being able to fully relax into the uncomfortable valley of that experience and trust that the path would appear... was the difference that made the difference - every single time.

So, I simply share this to remind you, there is always a path. And I share this for me as much as I do for you.

There's always a path. Stay Inspired.


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