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Empowering Leaders Through the Culture Journey

Culture Design Show

"If you slow down and take the time to really understand yourself, then bring your full authentic self as a leader to the table, you will see a remarkable difference." 

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on the Culture Design Show hosted by Steve Chaparro. Steve completely blew me away when he connected the dots between my story and a scene from Wonder Woman (2017) when Diana is about to leave her idyllic home of Themyscira to put an end to World War I. Before she leaves, Diana's…

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Do you consider yourself to be adaptable?


Do you consider yourself to be adaptable? Whatever you think of yourself as a human, you are officially the most adaptable creature on the planet. 3.5 billion years of evolution has apparently paid off!

But our ability to be adaptable comes with some pros and cons.

If you look at the 22 million people living in New Delhi, the most polluted city in the world, you’ll quickly see that these people have adapted to toxic air and water, with garbage everywhere. 

What’s impressive is that it shows h…

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Create Your Manifesto

IPC Inspired Leader Manifesto

Would you like to know one of the fastest ways to create what you want? It is really simple, and it is all based on the power of your own words. Most people don’t realize how much their words create reality. Even the classic magician’s saying, “Abracadabra,” which is originally ancient Aramaic and is actually pronounced “Abrah-hadrabrah,” really means... “As I speak, so I create.”

Well, that’s how a Manifesto works. In fact, I’ve been using a manifesto for the last few months, and it’s been a g…

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Leader's Journey

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The Leader's Journey is an immersive coaching experience that will allow you to dig deep into many areas of your personal and professional life. This experience is for the leader or emerging leader who is navigating through challenges, or they anticipate challenges on the horizon, and they are ready to take action.

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Bold Expedition

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The Bold Expedition is an immersive coaching experience that will allow you to have a bigger organizational impact by including leaders in your organization. This experience is for the leader who wants to build a strong, connected organization and provide a clear vision and purpose to all its stakeholders (especially employees).

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Quest for Clarity

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The Quest for Clarity is a coaching experience that will allow you to gain clarity and move into action. This experience is for the high performing professional who is going through a transition and is ready to take action. They have had success in the past, but they want to break out of old patterns and step into a role that will truly *light them up* and inspire them.

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