An Inspired Poem: Climbing the Right Mountain


Climbing the right mountain, a journey of the soul

An adventure that beckons, to reach a new goal

A quest for meaning, a path to be found

To climb the right mountain, and stand on sacred ground

The path is winding, and the climb is steep

Challenging at times, with obstacles to defeat

But with every step, a new strength is gained

And the spirit is lifted, to ascend and remain

The view from the top, a reward beyond compare

A vista of wonder, a vision so rare

A glimpse of heaven, in this earthly place

And a sense of purpose, that time can't erase

Climbing the right mountain, is not for the faint of heart

It requires courage, to make a fresh start

To leave the comfort, of the familiar ground

And embrace the journey, to where true joy is found

So take that first step, and keep climbing high

The summit awaits, where dreams touch the sky

For in this journey, we discover our true self

And climb the right mountain, to find our greatest wealth.


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