Finding Balance

I have been a suit-wearing executive, sitting in conference rooms, overseeing budgets of billions of dollars, and yet if anyone had seen the tattoo I now have on my forearm, it would have changed everything, and no, not for the better.

I have played the game of being a corporate conformist for most of my life. I was always struggling to see where I fit in. And yet, when I stopped trying to fit in, is when I finally felt most alive. That's been the evolution of my journey, going from just wanting to fit in to stand out for who I truly am.

My tattoo represents The Eight-fold path of the Buddha. To me, it's all about finding balance, knowing when to be strong or humble, decisive or flexible, create friction or flow. For me finding that balance is what always allows the most clear and true path to reveal itself. This tattoo lights me up. It inspires me and reminds me every day what I believe in.

I'm not sharing this with you so that you'll run out and get a tattoo. I am sharing this with you because I can tell you with 100% certainty that when you embrace and live the values that are a part of who you truly are, life has a particular way of responding; in ways we just couldn't have anticipated, and yes, definitely for the better.

I hope this message finds you well today. Stay Inspired.


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