Biotech Leaders, I See You

If you are a biotech leader, I have an important message for you. I know what it means to be deeply immersed in biotech. I know what it means to feel proud of making a difference in the health of countless lives. 

I also know what it is to be inside of a corporate system that is supporting you AND, at the same time feeding off of you.

I have been a financial leader for an expansive drug portfolio where I worked on 13 different drugs.

I have been a finance and strategy leader for 8-years at a leading biotech company.

I have been the commercial finance leader for the first game-changing cystic fibrosis therapy.

And I have built teams in startup biotech companies and coordinated the build-out of offices.

I deeply believe in the difference the biotech industry makes in the world. But, I am also a stand for a world where unfulfilled potential and burnout are things of the past… where biotech leaders come to work feeling inspired, fully energized, and driven by their purpose.

Listen... I know, for a fact that there are thousands upon thousands of biotech leaders who feel lonely, unfulfilled, and unheard - they're in regulatory affairs, they're in drug development, they're in medical affairs, clinical, finance, and legal, to name just a few. 

If you're one of these people, I want you to know that you don't have to feel like a cog in the wheel.  

I want you to know that I see you. I hear you and that you are not alone.

Being in an industry that helps people regain their vitality and health shouldn't cost you your own. I mean, seriously, how ridiculous is that? 

If you're ready to shift yourself from the inside out so you can operate within the system without being depleted and over-time shift your organization from the inside out... then we should have a conversation. 

Reach out to me! I would be happy to get on a 30-minute call so you can feel deeply heard and see what might be possible for you. Stay Inspired.


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