My Hero's Journey


I have been on a journey over the past few years. As a former finance leader, I was responsible for overseeing billions of dollars worth of drugs for the giants of biotech.

And then, one day, after several soul-crushing hours around a conference table, I made a choice that changed my life forever.

I stood up, walked out, and never returned… at least, not that version of me.

You see, I didn't know it at the time, but that was the beginning of my hero's journey. The very one Joseph Campbell distinguished in his famous writings. 

Like the classic stories: I started in a world that I knew like the back of my hand. I then made a big choice and accepted the call to adventure. I traveled out into the unknown and experienced ups and downs, peaks, and valleys. I came across allies and foes, but eventually... I found the treasure. The treasure was in discovering myself... my way of making a difference and my path to true fulfillment. 

And then... I returned to the world I knew with knowledge and treasure to share with those also seeking it.

When he distinguished the stages of the hero's journey, Campbell not only illuminated a key aspect of the human psyche, but the elements that make up the greatest myths and fables from every civilization, dating back to the first stories ever told around ancient campfires.

Every movie, book, or folktale since that time rests on the elements of the hero's journey. 

So, "What's YOUR hero's journey?"

If you're a leader or an emerging leader and you know that WHO YOU ARE is greater than WHAT YOU DO, then I invite you to simply join me by the campfire to hear stories, insights, and wisdom from those who heeded the call to adventure. 

And you don't have to leave your home (or your job) to do it. It's my new podcast called "The Virtual Campfire." I will be sharing my experience and knowledge, plus I will be having special guests to share their own journeys and help illuminate your own path. 

If this speaks to you, join us for a listen. The fire is warm, and the stars are bright. Hope to see you there. Stay Inspired.


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