Join Project Renaissance

The word renaissance carries a sense of excitement, romance, and fulfillment.

Throughout history, times of renaissance in cultures have had a huge and positive influence on humanity, such as the printing press, the telescope, and the blood transfusion. 

These were periods of collective thinking, where artists came together to support, inspire, and raise each other's contributions to the world. Historians look back on these times as incubators for some of history's greatest artistic accomplishments. The Mona Lisa, The Statue of David, and The Birth of Venus… these are all iconic images of the renaissance

But you don't have to be a painter, a sculptor, or a musician to be part of a renaissance. Having a mission to make a positive impact through your work is enough to get you in the club. 

If you've been listening to my Virtual Campfire Podcast, every guest who has come on my show has talked about how having the right community can create sparks of inspiration, allowing them to thrive and reach levels of success they couldn't have even touched otherwise. 

Even for me, community has been the difference that made all the difference in my own personal renaissance.

How about you? Are you ready for a renaissance in your life?

My genius is in guiding people to find clarity in their lives, so they are energized, present, and unstoppable. 

If you know that your life was meant to be a massive contribution to the world. Let's have a conversation and see if we can start a renaissance together. Stay Inspired.


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