As a father, I get to re-live my childhood through my son, and it makes me feel young again, which is truly amazing! I love seeing the world through more youthful eyes. 

One thing I have enjoyed is re-discovering heroes or, more specifically, superheroes with magical powers. One unlikely superhero I have been thinking about lately is Professor X (Professor Xavier) from the X-Men comic book series (and movies). 

Professor X is the founder and leader of the group, and he is an exceptionally powerful telepath who can read and control others' minds. He runs a private school to shelter and train mutants from around the world. He also strives to serve a greater good by promoting peaceful coexistence and equality between humans and mutants in a world where zealous anti-mutant bigotry is widespread. 

Professor X is perhaps best known for the creation of a device called Cerebro. This technology serves to detect and track those individuals possessing the mutant gene while greatly expanding the gifts of those with existing psionic abilities. Now there is a gift that I wish I could have. 

Wait a minute; this is precisely what great leaders do! They find talented people, encourage them to unlock their gifts, provide an environment for them to thrive, and step back while they change the world!


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