Disrupt Yourself: Master Relentless Change and Speed Up Your Learning Curve


When you disrupt yourself, you are walking into the unknown, exposing yourself to the risk of failure. Disrupt Yourself was published in 2015, but it is a book that is just as meaningful for our current times. Whitney Johnson applies Clayton Christensen’s concept of “disruptive innovation” to careers and personal development. She makes the compelling case that managing the S-curve of learning can help you make sense of and redefine your career path. The “S-curve” has slow growth at first, then explosive growth, then slow growth again. Depending on where you are on the curve, you can use different levers to move to your next step in your path.

Whitney introduces the Seven-Points of Personal Disruption Framework to help people understand their path on the curve:

  • Take the Right Risks
  • Play to Your Distinctive Strengths
  • Embrace Constraints
  • Battle Entitlement
  • Step Back to Grow
  • Give Failure its Due
  • Be Discovery Driven 

I was honored to be certified by Whitney and her team as a Disruption Advisor. Through the application of the frameworks of Personal Disruption codified in the books Disrupt Yourself and Build an A-Team, I set people up for success and calibrate them for high growth environments. 

Check out the book here


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