Travel is Fuel for the Soul


My soul is aching for an adventure! As the days wane on and uncertainty continues to weigh heavily, I am anxious to plan my next escape. For me, traveling is much more than taking a flight to a beautiful beach to relax (however, I do enjoy that, too). I travel to get into new situations that stretch me, to transform the way I think and how I see the world. 

With my wanderlust in high gear and no current way to satisfy it, I have been reflecting on past adventures and how those experiences have shaped me and my view of the world. Here's my approach to travel: 

  • Embrace novelty: Try to know the place you are in, observe the customs, interact with the locals, try new foods. 
  • Be Curious: Learn the why behind what you observe, explore the history, ask questions, try to understand the answers in relation to what you are experiencing now, setting aside any previous assumptions. 
  • Check-in with yourself: Notice how the journey is affecting you; what memories surface? What new insights do you have? Are your opinions and beliefs challenged? 
  • Don't plan out every detail: Leave some things to chance and be open to see what happens. This can enhance your travel experience. Shane Parrish (Farnum Street) talks about the mental model "The Map is Not the Territory" to relate that the map of reality is not reality. Even the best maps are imperfect. 
  • Keep a travel journal: It doesn't have to be complicated. Travel is full of idle moments like waiting for a ride or resting weary travel feet at the end of the day. Pause, reflect, and capture without worrying about it being perfect. 

Travel can jolt you awake and show you the world in a different light if you embrace a growth mindset. How can you apply these principles to your life even when you are not traveling?


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