Discovering the Mycelial Network


I hope you have had a fantastic summer, and you made the best of your time, even though it was surely a departure from prior years. One of the things I noticed about my adventures this summer is that I had a greater appreciation for the little things. A simple moment dining outside made me smile a little wider than usual. 

I had the opportunity to get into the mountains, which was truly amazing. Being in nature rejuvenates my soul and puts things in perspective. As I traveled along, my attention moved to the ground, and my family and I started to notice the diversity of mushrooms at our feet. Most of the time, we would just walk past them without even a second thought. 

With my curiosity ignited, I started to dig in to find out more. I read books (I recommend: Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures by Merlin Sheldrake), and I discovered a fantastic movie called Fantastic Fungi (check out the trailer here). One of the fascinating insights is that mushrooms are just the "flower" of an incredible fungal network called the mycelial network that operates much like the human nervous system or the internet. The mycelial network is a vast microscopic web, an intergalactic ecosystem, or an infinite number of roads leading everywhere. This is all happened right under our feet! Now that is something to think about! 

Stay safe and healthy!



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