The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future – Skip Prichard


"Our thoughts can empower or imprison. They empower when we try something new, and they imprison when we let them convince us to stay comfortable." 

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to catch all the breaks and win over and over again? What do the super successful know? What is standing between you and your wildest dreams? The Book of Mistakes will take you on an inspiring journey, following an ancient manuscript with powerful lessons that will transform your life. You will meet David, a young man who is more disheartened and stressed with each passing day. Despite a decent job, apartment, and friends, he just feels empty inside until one day he meets a mysterious woman, and everything starts to change. 

As you follow the hero's journey, you will learn the nine mistakes that prevent many from achieving their goals. You will learn how to overcome these hurdles and reinvent your life. 

  1. Working on someone else's dream: Don't be an unwitting participant in someone else's plan. 
  2. Allowing someone else to define your value: A life well lived is a life true to yourself. 
  3. Accepting excuses: Shift the energy and creativity from creating excuses to achieving goals. 
  4. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people: Your friends determine your fate. 
  5. Staying in your comfort zone: Success is the result of consistently and purposely doing the uncomfortable. 
  6. Allowing temporary setbacks to become personal failures: Temporary failures as stepping-stones to success. 
  7. Blending in instead of standing out: If you are true to your unique design, you naturally stand out. 
  8. Thinking there is a fixed and limited amount of success available: There is unlimited possibility in the universe. 
  9. Believing you have all the time in the world: Successful people have a sense of urgency. 

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